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How can Billingshurst Builders Ltd guarantee fixed prices ?
We Can offer fixed prices because we are experts at surveying. So we know the exact cost of materials and the exact cost of labour, put simply there is no guess work.

How do I pay for the work
Within our contract we will include a payment plan. This payment plan is based on stages and not on a time line, so we will only ever ask for payment once a certain stage of your build has been completed.

Will the company manager be on site or not ?
Yes, James Lord the Managing Director will be on site working along side his staff on a daily basis

How many projects does Billingshurst Builders Ltd run at one time ?
We only run one project at one time, this guarantees a quick build for our customers and a dedicated work force (from start to finish there will never be a week-day when there is no one working)

Do you ever over run on projects ?
It is rare that we would ever over run unless the weather has been very severe, but it is common for our customers to ask for further works at the completion of the project. Typically though this would not interrupt our next project as we leave 2 week time spacing between projects.

How big a company is Billingshurst Builders Ltd ?
On a daily basis there are 3-4 workers, however at certain times in the project our sub-contractors will join us and the work force can go up to as many as 10 if the site is big enough to allow it.

What qualifications does Billingshurst Builders Ltd have ?
We have part-qualified electricians, gas safe plumbers and carpenters belonging to the federation of master craftsmen, all other trades such as brick layers and plasters are highly experienced professional people.

Do we have to pay sub contractors directly ?
No all trades we supply work for the company so as to provide the best service for our customers

What professional certification will be given for our work ?

At the end of a typical extension we would provide a Part 'P' certificate for the electrical installation, A Gas safe or offtec certificate for all boiler work undertaken, full engineers calculations should they be necessary and finally a Pass certificate from Building control.

Can Billingshurst Builders Ltd help us with planning ?
Yes we have a fantastic architect that can visit you at home and take you right through the planning process from start to finish.

What hours do Billingshurst Builders Ltd work, and do you work weekends ?
We start at 8:00 am and finish at 5:00 pm, we prefer not to work weekends as we have young families.

Can we speak to a previous customer to see how they found your company ?
Yes we always recommend this however we would never give a previous customers contact details out with out their express permission.

Wll site workers be CRB checked ?
A site workers employed by Billingshurst Builders Ltd will all have CRB checks.

Does Billingshurst Builders Ltd provide its own site toilet?

We ask our customers what they would prefer and will endeavour to meet their needs wherever possible.


We offer building work contracted only on fixed prices for your security.

We understand the need to keep a budget and still provide a quality solution for your project.

Call today to know more about our prices and our quality.



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