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In 2004 James Lord, the founder of Billingshurst Builders Ltd finished his apprentership and started trading on his own as J. Lord building services. 2 years passed and as the company grew it was clear that is was time to incorporate.

So in April 2006 we incorporated as Billingshurst Builders Ltd. Since our beginning we have had experience in every type of construction from timber frame, traditional block and brick to steel frame. We have a dynamic team that have a extensive knowledge of construction and a great work ethic.  

We pride ourselves on our manners, cleanliness and helpfulness, but mostly our ability to construct excellent quality houses and extensions for our customers. Working along side our core team are our subcontractors who are all highly qualified, capable and trusted.

The key to our success it that James Lord (Director) can be found working and co-ordinating on site every day and is not simply office based as so many company directors are. The result of this is the production of great workmanship as well as offering great communication for our customers. 

Finally we have learnt from years of experience that people are often daunted by the concept of writing an open cheque when they have building work undertaken. As most builders will not commit to a fixed price this is a great chance for us to lead the way by doing the exact opposite.

So we always offer our customers completely fixed price contracts! These contracts are written to suite each and every customers individual needs, and are not an off the shelf document.

Our contracts are not cleverly worded, but instead clear and concise, and as we mentioned before, once agreed, our price will never change.

James Lord


We offer building work contracted  on fixed prices for your security.

We understand the need to keep a budget and still provide a quality solution for your project.

Call today to know more about our prices and our quality.



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